Italy's 7 Best Pasta Meals

Pasta e Ceci 

Pasta e ceci is a substantial pasta dish that resembles soup. This is ideal for adding vegetables to your holiday diet.

Ziti Alla Genovese 

Ziti alla Genovese is originally from Naples. Ziti are small hollow tubes of pasta served with a tasty onion-based sauce with carrots, celery, and slow-cooked beef.

Orecchiette Con Cime Di Rapa

Orecchiette, a little, round pasta with an indent to mimic "little ears," is from Puglia. This basic Italian meal features a tasty sauce.

Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina

This Amalfi Coast potato pillow comes from Sorrento. Mediterranean-inspired gnocchi with tomato sauce, basil, and many more.

Tortellini en Brodo

Tortellini en brodo is another Italian specialty. Tortellini float in a soothing beef or chicken broth, loaded with meat, cheese, and seasonings.  


Vincisgrassi adds rabbit, duck, and chicken giblets to lasagne, which traditionally uses beef. Find this wonderful spaghetti in Italy!

Tajarin al Tartufo

Tagliatelle is familiar, so look for tajaran in Piedmont. This bright yellow pasta is a treat for the eyes and stomach due to its greater egg count.