Aldi Is Slashing Prices Over 70 Popular Thanksgiving Items

Customers, Aldi's Christmas update will enhance your Thanksgiving feast. Aldi will begin offering big discounts on a variety of Thanksgiving items on November 1. 

Cranberries, pecans, pumpkin pie, and gravy are all on sale. The good news? The lower prices will be available throughout the Christmas season. 

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), supermarket prices will rise 11.4% in 2022, making sticker shock more prevalent. 

Eggs, milk, and fruit are quickly depleting grocery budgets, but Aldi's new Christmas special can help shoppers save on holiday essentials.

More than 70 items are up to 50% off, including Stonemill Regular Sauce Mix, Specially Picked Brioche Rolls, and Chef's Cupboard French Fry Onions—essential for

green bean casserole, and an uncommon flash of green in any decent Thanksgiving meal. Bakers will appreciate Aldi's savings on salted Irish butter, authentic vanilla essence, and pre-made pie crusts.

At Aldi's holiday rates, both Aldi's Bake House Refrigerated Pie Crust & Baker's Corner Pumpkin Pie Mix make it simple to prepare a classic Thanksgiving dessert for less than $4. 

Price reductions begin on November 1 and will extend until 2024. Whether you're hosting in-laws or bringing a dish to serve to a potluck Friendsgiving,

great ingredients are now more affordable, allowing you to enjoy all the flavor without breaking the bank. Let the festivities begin!

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