A Beloved Costco Smoothie Is Finally Back 

Costco members have been asking for a food court smoothie for months, and the business is finally bringing it back.

That's right! Costco's Fruit Smoothie in US food courts returned recently. In recent days, several members have seen the old favorite on the menu at their local warehouses.

Strawberry, blueberry, and acai make up the Fruit Smoothie (sometimes known as the "berry smoothie"), which many members call. 

The Costco food court discontinued it at the start of summer to make place for a Hawaii-only Mango Smoothie.

Some liked the mango version, but others thought it was a poor Fruit Smoothie alternative. Tons of Reddit users complained about the Mango

Fans are excited about the Fruit Smoothie's comeback. Several were excited when a Costco buyer uploaded a photo on Reddit this week

Since the mango smoothie was not on the menu in the Redditor's photo, the Fruit Smoothie may replace it when it returns to warehouses. 

As some Reddit shoppers remarked, the Fruit Smoothie hasn't returned to all US Costco locations yet.

The Fruit Smoothie isn't Costco's only intriguing food court addition this year. The company surprised shoppers in May 

by bringing back sliced onions, a beloved food court hotdog topping. In May, the shop revived its Chicken Caesar Salad

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