January 31, 2020

10 Habits of Never-Anxious People

1.Practice acceptance

No one lives without anxiety. Anxiety-free people accept this.

2.Have a daily routine

Anxiety can arise from apprehension. Hornthal advises including something expected in your daily routine.Choose and commit.

3. Tune into false alarm

The amygdala activates our fight, flight, or freeze reaction when it senses threat. Anxious brains may confuse real and perceived threats

4. Embrace self-compassion

Negative self-talk often causes anxiety. Think backwards. Rethink from statements.

5. Get enough sleep

Sleep may not be a priority while your mind is racing. Sleeping seven to eight hours at night improves mood, memory, and impulse control.

6. Stay physically active

Running, jumping, or dancing—something rapid and energy-intensive—may be needed depending on your nerve system. Stretching and yoga can be grounding and slower.

7. Engage in esteemable act

Self-esteem and mastery are built via esteemable deeds. You feel competent doing them. Anxiety can be reduced by accomplishment.

8. They talk about it

It's liberating to vent. Talking about our feelings honors, expresses, and validates them. Discuss anxiety triggers with someone you trust.


Writing is easier for some people than talking. Writing down your worries eliminates them. Don't force writing. Start writing for five minutes.

10. Understand thoughts aren't fact

Thoughts and feelings are valid, they're not true.Practice distinguishing.