10 Best Hair Color Tips You've Never Heard Before

1. Miracles don’t happen overnight.

Changing the color of your hair is a way to change. So, once you decide you want a new hairstyle, it can be hard to wait for the magic to happen.

2. Hair color doesn't always result in damaged hair.

Hill sees people over-conditioning their hair at home with hair masks and treatments to fix what they think is damage.

3. Invest in a cute hat.

The sun can turn a trendy color like purple into a cloudy gray or make blonde hair lose all of its dimension.

4. Make sure your colorist understands your hair’s unique texture.

"Hair that curls and kinks can be more delicate,. "Dark, straight hair can stand up to more than other hair types."

5. Book your color after your cut.

Your stylist should be able to work with your new haircut. If not, you've just spent a lot of money on a new cut only to have your new highlights fall out.

6. Arrive at the salon with your everyday hair.

“It’s helpful to get a sense of what a client’s style is on a daily basis.

7. Skip clarifying shampoos.

It would be great if clients didn't use at-home methods to get rid of hair buildup.

9. Balayage is trendy, but may not be best for your hair.

Even though Balayage and foil highlights seem very different, the results can be surprisingly identical.

10. Instagram hair isn't real.

Hair color can look different in your bathroom light, outside, in your kitchen.