Our passion: Serving families

A Brief History

emerge… was founded in 2013 by Pam Roe and Guina Bixler. Pam and Guina are both Certified Birthing From Within Mentors and their passion was to build a Birthing From Within community in Atlanta. The passion and desire to teach families how to birth in awareness is what drove them to consider establishing a company that taught these classes. Their reputation in the birth community attracted more that just educators and they quickly found themselves founding a business that also included labor and postpartum doulas, placenta encapsulation specialists and a team of women passionate about serving women and families as they journey through pregnancy, birth, the postpartum, and parenthood. Pam and Guina decided to pass the torch in 2016 and sold the business to Advanced Birthing From Within Mentor and Labor Doula, Megan Brown. Megan is the current owner of emerge… and wishes to continue building something unique and valuable for families in the Atlanta and metro areas.  

What We Believe

We believe that birth is a profound right of passage and that each birthing woman and her partner deserves to be respected and supported on their journey. Pregnancy is not something that needs to be “fixed” by a doctor, midwife, or provider, but rather an event where parents are active participants and, through education and awareness, are equipped to advocate for themselves and their baby. 

We believe that choosing a birth doula is about connection and trust. We are honored to be invited on your journey into parenthood and invite families to have phone conversations, schedule meetings, and spend time getting to know our sisterhood of doulas before they choose who might be right for them. We are not in the business of assigning doulas to families based on geographical location and do not put our doulas in a cue to evenly allocate business. Your birth, your support team, your choice!

We believe that having a comprehensive list of coping tools is imperative. No one coping tool learned in any one childbirth education course is right for all laboring women, all of the time. This is why we pride ourselves in offering Birthing From Within classes where we teach over 40 coping tools to families. This ensures that when one coping method doesn’t work or stops working, there is a tool box full of other coping tools to try.