Pam Roe

Pam Roe

Certified BIRTHING FROM WITHIN® Mentor, Labor Doula - CLD (CAPPA)

As a certified Birthing From Within™ Mentor and doula, it is my honor to support families through pregnancy, birth, and parenting. Mothers and babies have been my passion for as long as I can remember. I’ve been a La Leche League leader since 1990, now retired but still involved. Eighteen years ago, I was invited to a friend’s birth to assist with breastfeeding afterward. I’ve attended births ever since, intuitively learning to support laboring women and their partners with comfort measures, guiding words, and coping skills. When I first learned about doulas, I knew immediately that I had heard my calling. Upon discovering Birthing From Within and the wisdom of Pam England, that calling was clarified. I’ve been a certified doula since 2006 and a Birthing From Within Mentor since 2008, attending hundreds of families in that time.

My dear husband and I are the parents of three adult children: a son and two daughters. My first two births were surgical births, followed by an unmedicated VBAC, vaginal birth after a cesarean. I learned so much from each of our birth experiences and would not change any of them.

I cherish my time with families, whether it’s as a Birthing From Within Mentor, doula, parenting educator, or lactation educator. I enjoy continually updating and broadening my knowledge to better assist them. Mothers, fathers, babies, and birth will continue to be my passion. It is a joy to stand alongside families during these memorable events in their lives.

My fee is $1100 

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