Melissa Colatosti

Melissa Colatosti

Labor Doula

The pregnancy, birth and the postpartum time period are emotional times. The excitement and anticipation can make your heart soar, while the fear of the unknown can act as a very strong driving force. As a labor doula it is my overwhelming desire to help moms embrace and navigate this whirlwind time by supporting them and their partners in making informed decisions that empower them before, during and after the arrival of their new baby.

I myself have 5 children, 3 of which I birthed. Each birth was different from pitocin with an epidural to a fast hospital birth with IV pain medication to a midwife assisted homebirth. Each of these experiences have led me to the path of supporting women as they define their own birthing journey. As a labor doula I fully believe that I am here to be supportive of the mother’s decisions including birthing location, support team, provider and desired interventions. To do this I provide love, compassion, information and coping techniques to the pregnant and laboring mother.

My loving husband was my partner for all 3 of my births. I was amazed by the differences in his ability to assist me based on the support and encouragement that my birthing teams offered him at each birth. For this reason I feel that it is also important for partners to have support. This support allows them to be involved as much as he/she is comfortable. As a labor doula I work to facilitate the process of a partner helping the mother along with me. This support helps partners feel more involved and often calmer about the labor and birth process.

Every time I leave a family after their baby’s birth I can’t help but think about how much courage and strength it shows for a woman to birth her baby on her terms, whatever they may be. Being able to support a mother and her partner on that journey is an experience that I am honored to have.

My fee is $850.

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