Kathleen Dean

Kathleen Dean

Postpartum Doula, Montessori Educator

Throughout my life I have worked with children and their families. From babysitting as a teenager to raising my three children, collaborating with friends starting their families, working as an assistant in kindergarten and first grade, and becoming an AMI-certified Montessori educator for children age 0-3, I’ve always felt called to work with young children.

I’ve spent the past six years working with children from 18 months to 3 years in Montessori schools. Some of the most fulfilling times have been advising families who asked for help in adjusting to life with an infant, a toddler, or both. These relationships have led me to pursue CAPPA certification as a postpartum doula. Being invited into the emerge… family is an honor.

My goal is to help new parents find the way that best suits them to care for both the new baby and themselves, and to provide an optimal environment for the child to develop. I look forward to knowing and assisting your family.

To hire Kathleen for postpartum doula services, please fill out our postpartum doula agreement. The form will redirect you to a payment screen for the $150 deposit. If you prefer to interview Kathleen or one of our other doulas before hiring, please email us at emergebirth@gmail.com.

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