Placenta Encapsulation

There are two methods of encapsulation offered, High-Potency or TCM.  High-Potency involves dehydrating the raw placenta at a low temperature, keeping a high level of hormones and nutrients, and leaving enzymes intact.  The TCM Method involves steaming the placenta then dehydrating it.  It offers a lower dose of placenta that is taken as a balanced dosage throughout the day.  While the High-Potency Method is recommended, we continue to offer TCM for those who value the original method.  We also offer a combination of the two methods.  Depending on the size of your placenta, you can usually expect between 90-160 pills.

In addition to encapsulation we offer some other services:

Placenta Tincture: A way to extend your placenta to use during menstruation, weaning, or even menopause.  A small piece of placenta is fermented in a 2oz bottle of 100-proof vodka.  It is taken as drops under the tongue.

Placenta Smoothie: A great way to experience the benefits of fresh placenta at the time of birth.  A small piece of placenta is added to a fresh fruit smoothie prepared in your hospital room.  This provides much needed energy after the birth and can lessen your postpartum bleeding.

Placenta Print & Cord Keepsake: These are literally once in a lifetime keepsakes.  The placenta print is made using the natural placenta blood to create a “tree of life”.  The cord keepsake is made by forming the umbilical cord into the shape of a heart and dried.

Placenta Packages and Pricing:

*Add an additional $25 for Combination Encapsulation

Basic Package: High-Potency or TCM Encapsulation & Cord Keepsake $245
Standard Package: High-Potency or TCM Encapsulation, Cord Keepsake, Tincture & Placenta print $265
Premium Package: High-Potency or TCM Encapsulation, Cord Keepsake, Tincture, Placenta Print & Smoothie $285
Celebrity Package: High-Potency or TCM Encapsulation, Cord Keepsake,Two Tinctures, Placenta Print, Smoothie, Colored Placenta Print & Placenta Truffles $385

Placenta Encapsulation