Pain vs SufferingYoga by the river today was lovely, that is, until the leaf blower revved up. We were settling into shavasana, our final pose when the engine began it’s high pitched roar. I spent several minutes hoping the noise would stop and feeling anxious about it. But the property was large, and I knew it was not going to end, so I tried ‘re framing’ the way I felt about it.

I began by imagining the hands that had designed and assembled the equipment, and the jobs created. Day dreaming about a family for whom food would be purchased as a result of the jobs helped me immediately feel better about, and even accept the ‘noise’.

In our Birthing From Within Classes we teach that Rain is not ‘bad weather’,  just as Pain is not ‘suffering’, and so, I began to think…Noise is not ‘bad’.

We come alongside parents as they explore negative beliefs and feelings about anything from epidurals to cesarean births, or any item they may see in a medical setting which causes a general physical feeling of yuk!

The medical birth environment can awaken feelings of fear and a physical tensing may result. Tension can hold a laboring mother back from progressing in her birth, but by learning to ‘re frame’ the way she sees these perceived obstacles she can move forward and birth her baby.

As I emptied my negative thoughts about the sound, and with eyes closed listened with a non judgement mind,  the purring of a leaf blower continued in the distance.

It didn’t bother me at all.


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2 Responses to Pain vs Suffering

  1. Brittany says:

    This is lovely! What a wonderful way to put it. We must “re-frame” the negative. Love that!!

  2. Pam Roe says:

    A great reminder that suffering is in the story we create about the “negative”. Lovely! Thank you, Guina.

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