CLD(DONA), PCD(DONA), LMT, Certified Hypnotherapist

Shari headshot 1When I attended my first birth in 1988, I had no idea that my experience would be so profound. I have been supporting women through their childbearing year ever since, as a birthing coach, doula and touch therapist.

My mission is to provide compassionate, tender care and support for you and your family throughout your pregnancy, birth and the early days of parenthood. With respect to your privacy and dignity, you will receive individualized personal attention, reassurance, and loving support to ensure a safe and satisfying, empowered birth.

I honor and trust birth as a natural transition for women and their families. My role is to provide unconditional support for the Mom, her partner and family through their experience of labor, birth and the postpartum days without imposing my beliefs or opinions. Supporting your partner so that they are able to participate at their own comfort level is equally as important to me. I am available to you throughout your pregnancy, including guidance when designing your birth plan and in-home support during early labor. I have experience with surrogacy, multiples, VBAC and like-gender couples.

I am a licensed massage therapist and infant massage instructor, Watsu practitioner and am delighted to offer caring, therapeutic touch as part of my service as a holistic caregiver. I am also a certified hypnotist and tap into my broad education and intuitive gifts to assist you in your birthing time. Although certified as a postpartum doula, I am not offering that service at this time.

Shari’s labor doula fee is $1100. To hire Shari, fill out our Doula agreement form. The form will redirect you to a payment screen for the $250 deposit. If you prefer to interview Shari or one of our other doulas before hiring, please email us at