Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

melanie_web_picI am a mother of four, and began encapsulating placentas after experiencing the benefits first-hand with my third child.  With a background in biology and chemistry, and after working in the birth community as a doula since 2007, I have found Placenta Encapsulation to be the perfect combination of these interests.  I love working with new mothers to help create a smooth postpartum experience, and believe I bring compassion and professionalism to my job.  I trained as a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist with Placenta Benefits and Full Circle Encapsulation, and have encapsulated over 300 placentas.  In addition, I hold certificates in Blood Born Pathogens and as a Georgia Food Handler to ensure the highest quality in safety.  I work in a dedicated space used only for placenta encapsulation, and follow strict OSHA guidelines for sanitization.  But beyond the technical aspects of it, I also find my job fascinating and feel a deep reverence with each placenta I encounter.

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