Father, New Dad Boot Camp® Coach

Liam headshotWhen I attended a childbirth class almost 4 years ago, I had no idea what to expect about birth or parenting. In the time since, through experience, observation, reading, and guidance I feel like a useful and informed partner and parent. One of the areas that has had the biggest impression and influence on me has been what I learned from the women who were our doulas and taught the childbirth class we attended. Specifically, I have been struck by the wonderful camaraderie that exists amongst the people involved with supporting families through childbirth and the transition into parenthood.  I feel called to create this same experience for new dads and non-birthing partners in a way that works with and compliments the support around new mothers, thus supporting the whole family and the children. To achieve this goal, I use the curriculum from Bootcamp for New Dads for specific tools and conversations around the transition into parenting a newborn. I plan to continue adding to my certification and experience as I support my growing children and other families with children ranging from newborns into young adults.

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