CAPPA-trained Labor Doula and Lactation Counselor

Danielle AllenI’ve always thought of myself as a “Baby Whisperer” whether it has been taking care of my younger sister and brother to babysitting as a teen to serving in the nursery at my church, so it shouldn’t have surprised me to enter a field where I could serve families and their new additions.

I had the opportunity to act as a doula in 2010, four years before I had even heard of the word!  A friend of mine advised she wanted me to be her and her husband’s “birthing coach” at the birth of their first daughter.  I was a little shocked but rose to the challenge!  I attended childbirth education classes with them and quickly met them at the hospital when it was “Labor Day.”

Fast forward to 2014 during the pregnancy of our son, I had the opportunity to attend an awesome midwifery group, and it was there that I learned of emerge… Birth Services.  While Pam & Guina taught my husband and me that we can have the birth we want, I learned so much and could feel a fire within me being stoked.  I wanted everyone to learn what I learned (my favorite line is, “You don’t know what you don’t know”)!  My passion is to have ALL families have the birth they want, not necessarily the one the hospital wants you to have.

As your doula, not only will I provide physical, emotional and informational support, but I will also be your family’s #1 fan, no matter what type of birth you choose to have.  I currently am not only passionately working towards my labor doula certification, but my lactation counselor training as well!  It would be an honor to serve you and your family.

Danielle’s fee as a labor doula is $875. To hire Danielle, fill out our Doula agreement form. The form will redirect you to a payment screen for the $250 deposit. If you prefer to interview Danielle or one of our other doulas before hiring, please email us at