1.     The 4th Trimester…

What is the 4th trimester? That doesn’t even make sense, there can’t be FOUR TRImesters!?! Welcome to the world of parenting where everything is turned upside down. 😉 Basically, the fourth trimester is the term coined by Harvey Karp that explains what it means that baby humans come out less developed than say baby deer, (who stand in the first 10 minutes of life and walk within 7 hours).

becomingmamasThis “Becoming Mamas” blog gives a good firsthand account of what the fourth trimester looks and feels like, and if you notice she is wearing her baby in almost every picture.  Why? Because babywearing gives that tight attached womb-like feeling.  But did you notice, she is wearing a DIFFERENT CARRIER in every picture???  That brings us to reason number 2…


2.     Look at that beautiful rainbow table full of CARRIERS!?!?

allthecarriersSo, now that we know our baby is going to want a womb-like experience for the next few months, and we know babywearing is going to help us keep baby calm and quiet, how do we choose a carrier?  This is a tricky question.  Carriers are SO MUCH about preference.  Between mei tais, ring slings, stretchy wraps, woven wraps and soft structured carriers, every parent swears that one or the other is the most comfortable.  On top of personal preferences, sometimes people find that they like different carriers for different situations.  A ring sling is great to keep in the car for grocery store runs, whereas a woven wrap might be better for snuggles around the house while doing laundry or wearing baby for longer periods of time.  Unfortunately, most carriers are only available at online retailers.  Target has some good options, but they are limited.  Enter BWI of Atlanta!  LOOK AT ALL THE CARRIERS!!! These are available during meetings for people to try on OR if you choose to pay $30 for an annual membership you can check out carriers for a month at a time.  There are enough wonderful carriers here that you could pay $30 and have a carrier for the entire third trimester at a much cheaper rate than buying one for the first three months.

This is an unbelievable opportunity to find a perfect fit for you and babe.  Yet, there is another trick.  As simple and lovely as it looks once baby is IN the carrier, getting baby safely on and snugly secured can be tricky, but guess who can help…

3.     These ladies right here!!


Meet them here!

They even look like the Charlie’s Angels of babywearing, don’t they?  These women are VBEs or Volunteer Babywearing Educators.   Does being volunteers mean they learned on their own and have stepped up to help other moms?  Yes, but it’s more than that, as taken from the Babywearing International website,

“VBEs must pass a written assessment that demonstrates basic knowledge of all types of carriers and safe babywearing, as well as good teaching ability. Once their written assessment is approved and another local leader gives the regional director their official recommendation, the prospective VBE will meet with a Master Babywearing Educator for an assessment either in-person or via video conference. They will be asked to demonstrate various carries and carriers in person, asked to describe how they would teach someone else to use those carries or carriers, and asked to troubleshoot hypothetical problems that we often run into in the real world. “

Suffice to say these women know their stuff and can REALLY help you find the best fit for you and baby.  Also, in my experience, they are very nice and create a truly welcoming harbor in what can feel like turbulent times (the beginning of new parenthood).

4.     Hot Babywearing Dads!


“Womb-like” experience lends a mental image of mama babywearing, but one of the best parts of babywearing is that it means a womb for everyone! 😉  As a mom, getting to share in the joyous burden of loving this dependent little human is one of the keys to staying sane.  People often speak of attachment parenting and imply that it is the “traditional” way to raise a baby, but this speaks to a time when people lived in a more tribal scenario where there were many aunts, cousins, and other people to share in that attachment.  Essentially, even though carrying my baby is one of the GREATEST joys of my life, it becomes an overwhelming load when it is my burden alone.  That is why meetings are a great place to bring dad, grandma, auntie, and anyone else who would like to share the joy of carrying your sweet baby.


5.     We are giving away a yearlong membership to BWI of Atlanta at our September 17th doula Gathering!!

Now that you are sold on the need to attend a meeting you may even be contemplating joining BWI of Atlanta for the year.  Good news, we are giving away a membership at our September 17th gathering! Emerge loves to help support new parents and partner with other groups who support parents as they transition into “the terrifying joy of unbearable responsibility” (description of parenting taken from Andrew Solomon’s Ted Talk.)  Join us from 7-9 pm at 1109 West Peachtree Road to meet doulas and possibly win a yearlong membership to BWI of Atlanta!  Interested in learning more about BWI of Atlanta?  Check out their website here and like them on Facebook!


Future Babywearing Friends!


 These pictures were taken at the recent August 2015 BWI of Atlanta meeting at the decatur location.  Here I am headed in with my oldest and my youngest cause there is always more to learn and I like to refresh myself with each new bebe! 🙂 Read my bio here to learn more.

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